What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting is the act of making a webpage visible to the internet users worldwide. As we all know there are different things inside a webpage like images, texts, video clips as well as interactive graphics and more. Now all these things require some space to be stored so that they can be accessed at any time by a user and this place is called servers which are but giant computers. The subscriber of a website has to hire that space for him and this very process of hiring is technically termed as webhosting.

Considerations for a Web Hosting:

There are various kinds of web hosting available in the field and everyone has got its respective advantages as well as disadvantages side by side. Some dominant kinds of web hosting patters are as follows –

  • Shared web hosting service
  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Cloud server hosting
  • Managed hosting service
  • Free web hosting service
  • Home-server
  • Grid server
  • Clustered server

These are the main types of hosting that are predominantly used as of now. However there are also a few more types existing in the platform but are not used as commonly as the above mentioned ones. Therefore a subscriber must be very prudent to determine as to which one of the hosting services would best fit his purpose. However it is often found that subscribers get confused among the options and make mistakes while picking up the best one for them.

Website Hosting

Top 5 Mistakes

1) Not enough research work: Engage in enough research work before choosing. Yes, it does real good influencing the right decision. Read reviews, articles and blogs and whatever is available before you. Consult with an experienced person if you can manage to find one. Make use of any resource whatsoever before jumping into any conclusion.

2) Overpaying: Collect different subscription charts of different companies and make a comparative study and analyze which one to go for. Do not get fed up with whatever the company wants you to. It is obvious that they will try to persuade you to go for higher budget subscriptions. But if you are well aware then you must know whatever is adequate for you.

3) Taking for granted that “Unlimited Bandwidth” Is actually Unlimited:  There will be a general tendency of the web hosts companies as we all know to oversell their service. Unlimited bandwidth sounds smart to the ears but that is not what you are actually get all the time and what is more important is that it is not always required at all.

4) Not ensuring the best customer service: Many forget to en-quire about the quality of the customer support while choosing a webhost which is a very important aspect of the service. One should always go for a 24×7 based customer service so that they can assist you keep your website ready for your intended customers all the time.


5) Getting tempted by offers and freebies: This is something you should not go for putting your business at stake. You can find many new companies that come up with such alluring schemes and offers but just ask yourself that should you bank upon such unknown entities as far as the credibility and profitability of your organization is concerned, But at the same time, I would suggest to use Hostgator 1 cent hosting coupon to experience all Hostgator shared hosting features at best price. As you are completely aware that Hostgator is well-known and most reputed hosting company of 2013 and 2014. You may have to face bigger loss in the long run just to save a few bucks for a time being with cheap and bad hosting company.

So these are the common mistakes done by an intended buyer of a web host service. So having discussed all these in detail it is well expected that you wouldn’t fall victim to those mistakes. Would you?


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