Before we proceed in the discussions as to which type of hosting shared hosting or dedicated hosting is better, we have a basic idea about the website hosting in general and then only the following discussion will be fruitful.

Website Hosting:     

Website Hosting is the job of making a website visible to the world and to be precise to the worldwide internet users. Personal or small sized webhosting is generally free or very inexpensive however the big and complex ones involve considerable cost to the subscribers. If you want such high rated and popular hosting provider’s hosting package, then you have to pay good money for this except Arvixe hosting with allow you to have a 20% OFF at its 1st billing for new customers. Use Arvixe coupon LIFETIME20 and get arvixe hosting with 20% discount.

Types of web hosting

What it is precisely

A website consists of different items such as text, images, videos, action buttons etc. Now these things must be kept stored in a place so as to make them available to the users at any given point of time. These storing spaces known as servers are nothing but computers with very high specifications and in order to store the contents of the webpage safely the subscriber of the website has to buy the required amount of space called web server for him and this process of buying that space on web server for storing web items in them in order to make them available and visible for any intended user is called website hosting.

Classifications of Website Hosting

  • Shared web hosting service : It is the most common type of web hosting used throughout the world as it is economic as well as efficient. Here the multiple subscribers share a common server and fulfill their respective purposes at the same time.
  • Dedicated hosting service : Here the subscriber is allocated an entire server and given extreme authority to control it though he is not given the ownership of it. He is however responsible for the maintenance of his dedicated server.
  • Cloud server hosting : This form is a newer addition in the hosting field. It is a very advanced, economic, reliable and trouble free medium of hosting so far.
  • Managed hosting service : In this hosting form the user is given the server exclusively for his own use as in case of dedicated server but is not authorized to fully control and access it the way he wants.
  • Free web hosting service : As it is free its cost is often borne by advertisements and sponsorships. Its scope is small and limited when compared with the other form of hosting services. So, Its better to go with any reputed hosting brand like Hostgator, Bluehost etc
  • Home server : This is typically used personally and domestically or by rather small sized organizations to host a single or a couple of websites.

Shared vs. dedicated hosting

From the above discussion on shared and dedicated web hosting it is not difficult to understand that both are quite different from each other and hence each will be suited for different purposes. So the user must act wise to analyze his specific requirements and budget and determine whether shared or dedicated would suit him the best. Both the shared and the dedicated hosting come up with the pros and cons of their own and so there is no best or worst; everything is based upon specific requirements and suitability of the users.


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