What is a Domain Name ?

Domain nameA domain name is an exclusive name given to a specific website so as to identify it as we identify a person by his or her name. Individual and Organizations have domain names corresponding to their own names so that they can be found out and accessed easily by a user. When a website is opened this very name becomes visible in the address bar of the browser. Every domain name is generally preceded by the prefix “www” and followed by the suffixes such as “.com” to denote commercial organizations, “net” to represent a network system and “.org” to mean a non- profit seeking organization etc.

Selecting the Domain Name:

A domain name is vitally important and almost an asset for an organization. So it should be very well thought of. Choosing a domain name however is not rather easier chiefly because almost all the possible names that can come to your mind are already taken. It is simply because as there are millions of organizations so millions of domain names exist in their names. Therefore a person must be very unique and creative while purchasing a domain name of his choice and which is so far available.

The Process of Registering a Domain Name:

The process of Domain registration is done by the domain name registries, which is having contract with numerous domain registrars who offer registration services to people and organizations. The end user can select any registrar of his choice to purchase his domain name and that registrar from then on becomes the designated registrar for that specific domain. A domain name is sold to an organization for a specific span of time and on a specific subscription after which the name expires for that subscriber and becomes available for others to purchase unless the existing subscriber renews it in due time.

Choosing the Best Place for your Domain Name:

As already mentioned there are many registrars that are available in arena with their offers for the potential customers. The user should carefully survey all the registrars’ pros and cons and decide on as to which should be the best choice for him in the long run. The names of some notable registrars are godaddy.com, namecheap.com, guavabox.com, name.com dreamhost.com etc. all of whom are unique and worthy in their own way. Now it is the judiciousness of the subscriber to determine which would best suit his line of business in the present scenario.